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The passion that pheromones bring to a situation for couples is almost electrifying when we actually talk about it. The romantic approaches that human pheromones have to the opposite sex are both engaging and interesting to discuss. These effects declare that pheromones, although an inhibitor of attractive desire, allow couples to feel closer together in ways that elevate their current status in their relationships.

Pheromones scents are an invisible scent that others humans detect to increase the attraction and arousal process. This unique and special function is one if the ways that we as humans attract a mate or a lover into our lives. This seductive lure has become quite popular in its understanding of it.

The Power of Human Pheromones

This method of attracting other humans with pheromones is quite an exciting notion, to say the least. The benefits of attracting a mate is always a popular and significant idea for many people to understand and pursue, at the same time. Men are always trying to attract women when in social events like clubs or even out for dinner.

Men always want to make that first impression, the best one with women. But some men just can’t seem to pull it off on the first try. Perhaps the use of pheromones that attract, can give him a good jumpstart in the beginning of any relationship. It sure has helped nicely with me.

Real Pheromone Attraction

Men have always had ambitions of attracting a female and vice versa. As men declare the right to attract that special female, women also have the ability and will to maintain themselves in ways to promote attraction and sensuality for the opposite sexy. Pheromones increase those inhibitions with an amplified effect, most appropriately.

Men wearing pheromones attract women in ways that are similar to magnetism. This luring effect increases the sensation of touching, kissing, caressing and affection, altogether. Many have wondered of the wondrous effects that pheromones truly entail, to couples intimately engaging in increased sexual activity and passion.

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CP28 Pheromones

CP28 is an odorless pheromone concentrate aimed at men who want to attract beautiful women. It comes in an unscented 1 oz. spray bottle. According to the manufacturer, Women find the seductive lure of CP-28 both irresistible and intoxicating. Unfortunately, they do not specify the concentration of the pheromones leading us to perform our own user test. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com


CP28 is rated to last for 4-5 hours under normal use.


Can be used with other colognes.


Pheromone concentration unknown
Women tend to be unresponsive to pheromones




Cp28 turned out to be a mixed bag. Users have been evenly split on whether it works or not with many claiming that it did not produce any results. While we did notice some response with women, the results did not blow us away like Pherazone. This could be due in part to their provocative aromas that women seem to love.

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10th May, 2018