Glamour Rubs Off

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The majority of people who visit Harrods or wander down Bond Street window shopping or browsing through the shelves of beautiful items could never afford to actually buy there (at least not regularly). But simply “being there” makes them feel a bit more glamorous. Women know that buying a celebrity endorsed perfume or cosmetic does not make them part of that celebrity’s world. Men know that buying the golf club or tennis racket with the athletes name on it will not make them as good a player. But the kudos rubs off. That’s the thing with glamour. It is not only attractive, it is also sticky and transferable. Like pollen. The glamour of a place or a person can be transferred to you just by buying or visiting the same thing or place that the rich and shameless do.

Pretty much anyone can buy a perfume. Lots of women can invest in a single designer item; often a bag, sometimes a pair of Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. But very few people can stay at the haunts of the rich, famous, glamorous people they see in the magazines. The Hamptons? Nowhere to stay. Same with Sardinia. The rich and famous on Mallorca only entertain each other on yachts or in very private villas. In Monaco you never see anyone. Security is too tight. Miami? Yes, but it is a long way to travel from Europe. But Barcelona? That works…

On any day in the summer, the restaurants, bars and beach bars are filled with a vast range of people from every walk of life. You could be spending your time partying with an Arab prince, a Russian industrialist (no, they are not all corrupt oligarchs and mafia!) or with a brick layer from Crewe. The girls who work for Barcelona escort agencies such as Barcelona Beauties from The Barcelona Escort Agency or 2nd Circle Barcelona escorts certainly do! This is at its most pronounced in the beach clubs such as Ocean Club, La Sala abd Nikki Beach. Everyone is equal in swimwear (well…maybe gym bunny guys and the girls from 2nd Circle and Barcelona Beauties look a bit better than everyone else) In the nightclubs like Tibu, the Cavalli Club or the never-changing Olivia Valere club the mix is even more eclectic. Though the VIP areas are a bit less accessible and the bling level higher as a few more clothes go on. In Barcelona and the Costa Del Sol you can literally rub shoulders with stars, international jet setters and the faces and bodies from the magazines. And in the same way as window shopping makes you feel just a bit more glamorous, so maybe the glamour will stick to you like gold dust.

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7th Sep, 2017